Production, installation and repairs

Our dynamic installation team will meet the installation standards and abide by the requests made by the client.

Our team will make sure that all of the installed systems are problem-free before leaving the site.

You can always count on CASA for the highest production standards.


Our main supplier: GSI. Has been a global leader in the grain storage industry for more than 40 years.

What makes GSI the right choice? Simply put, it’s the commitment to quality products and services. GSI has the most complete line of grain storage, drying and handling equipment, systems and accessories available from one manufacturer. GSI's brands and products boast innovative features that would make your work easier. 

When you buy GSI, you get an excellent product, backed by a strong warranty. We deliver valuable solutions and a personal commitment to every customer. GSI offers complete package solutions for all your grain storage and handling requirements. Our farm series bins range in size from 15’ to 60’ diameter with a variety of flooring, grain conditioning, and material handling options to choose from depending on your specific application.