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(updated Sept 28th 2015)


6 sections, 18’ Westeel/Rosco grain bin without perforated floor 


Super B SQ20Super B SQ20 220v

1 used Super B dryer model SQ20 220v with heat reclaimer



1 Cumberland hopper bin 9' 2 sections 60° cone

Panneau de contrôle-devantpanneau de contrôle-contacteurs

panneau de contrôle-switches

1 complete control panel 550v with contactors, sold whole or for parts

CFSA 320 550V NG CSA

1 Farm Fan portable dryer CF/SA 320 550v propane with Stainless screens


also available (without pictures):

2 Westeel 19' 7 sections grain bins for 110 tons each

1 GSI 15' 6 sections grain bin for 75 tons

1 Super B dryer SQ16 550v

1 fan Centrifugal In Line 28" 10HP 550V Brock

1 fan Centrifugal In Line 28" 10HP 550V GSI

1 fan Centrifugal In Line 24" 7.5HP 220V Sukup

1 fan Centrifugal In Line 24" 3HP 550V GSI

1 fan Centrifugal In Line 24" 5a7HP 220V GSI

1 fan Axial 24" 5a7HP 220V GSI

1 fan Full Centrifugal 5HP 1725rpm 220v Farm Fan